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The ‘Skinification’ of Nails

The ‘Skinification’ of Nails

Healthier nails start with skin-loving ingredients!

It’s official the skinification of hair, makeup, and more has taken the beauty world by storm. In case you missed it, this buzzing term refers to products and practices that take a cue from skincare—from blush with serum benefits to Squalene-infused shampoo. It also means the skincare ingredients you know and love have real benefits for the rest of you—including your nails! Dermelect has always been on the forefront of merging the beauty categories, most notably with our protein peptide-infused anti-aging nail treatments- the first of its kind! By taking a skincare approach to nail care we’ve been able to provide innovative solutions for the most problematic splitting, chipping, damaged, and hard-to-grow digits. Want to know the best way to treat ridges on the nails? Address them the same way you would treat wrinkles on the face if you ask us!

If you’re looking to boost your nail health, repair damage, prevent breakage, or just overall up your nail game, these top five ingredients will help you achieve all your nail goals.

Peptides: These short chains of amino acids are also known as the building blocks of proteins and play a major role in the production of collagen and elastin—both vital for skin and nail health. Peptides can easily absorb into your tissues, where they signal your cells to boost collagen production which, in turn, helps build strength and firmness. Our pick: Makeover Smoothing Ridge Filler strengthens, perfects, and conceals nails using pure protein peptides that help damaged nails grow longer and stronger.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid: When it comes to superstar ingredients, Alpha Hydroxy Acids (or AHAs) always top our list. These powerhouse acids are traditionally used as gentle exfoliators for your skin’s upper surface, so healthy new cells can generate. The result? Brighter, more even-looking skin. When it comes to your nails, AHAs can help resurface peeling nails as well as effectively soften cuticles. Our pick: Transfix Nail Restore Base Coat is formulated to smooth and repair nail flakiness caused by the effects of acrylics and gels. 

Vitamin C: Popular in skincare, Vitamin C is known for its age defying and antioxidant benefits including skin brightening and smoothing. When used in nail care, it can effectively address yellowing and staining as well as reverse the effects of free radical damage. Our pick: Phyto Strong Natural Nail Duo utilizes Vitamin C rich standout, Japanese Yuzu, to brighten and perfect discolored nail beds.

Hyaluronic Acid: This hydrating hero needs little introduction. Hyaluronic Acid is made of molecules that hold up to 1000 times their weight in water, making it a wonder ingredient for dewy, glowy, hydrated skin. The same benefits apply to nails, where it can moisturize cuticles, hydrate dry, brittle nails, and boost nail health. Our pick: Rejuvenail Fortifying Nail & Cuticle Treatment.

Vitamin E: One of the most researched and proven ingredients in beauty, Vitamin E functions as a protective antioxidant instrumental in helping enhance flexibility, hydration, and photo-protection. When used for the nails, it functions as a restorative ingredient to treat nail damage while promoting nail cohesion and encouraging cell turnover and growth. Our pick: Resist Nail Bite Inhibitor + Restorative Treatment.

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