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The Benefits of Beauty Sleep

The Benefits of Beauty Sleep

Is rest the real secret to eternal glow?

There’s nothing quite like a good night’s sleep. From feeling energized to seeing fewer dark circles, it benefits you inside and out. And while it may sound like a catchphrase, the relationship between beauty and sleep is, in fact, real. When we sleep, our stress hormone (cortisol) lowers, and our body, including our skin, goes into repair mode. This is why, according to Dr. Nazarian, “Sleep is incredibly beneficial and necessary for healthy, beautiful skin.” 

While you’re off in dreamland, your body’s working overtime to recover from cumulative damage experienced during the day. When it comes to sleep it’s as much about quality as quantity. Life can make uninterrupted sleep challenging, so whether it’s a sound machine to drown out noise, a sleeping app to lull you into slumber, or a relaxing PM skincare routine—taking steps to make the most of your shut-eye will help you reap the rewards come morning.

Here are four reasons to schedule in some beauty sleep:

Restore & Repair: Nighttime is the best time for your skin to heal itself from the detrimental elements your skin faces. “Beauty sleep is vital for the renewal and repair of many skin processes, including combating free-radical damage and building defenses against premature aging from external sources, including radiation, pollution, arid climates, and more,” says Dr. Nazarian.

Bye, Puffy Eyes: The tell-tale sign of a bad night’s sleep? Dark, puffy under-eyes. That’s because lack of sleep causes your body stress, which in turn, makes your cortisol levels rise. This can cause your body to retain water and cause under-eye bags.

Healthier Hair: When you sleep, it enables the processes that build the proteins in your hair to function properly. Stress is also a known contributor to hair loss, so better sleep means your cortisol levels are more balanced, which in turn can help with stress-related hair concerns.

More Collagen, Please: When it comes to soft, smooth, bouncy skin, collagen is key. “Sleep is incredibly important for inducing the creation of these youth-supporting fibers and prevention of its degradation,” says Dr. Nazarian. “Make sure you’re getting your 7-9 hours of rest each night and whenever possible.”

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