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Winter & Holiday Nail Trends With Celebrity Mancurist Jackie Saulsbery

Winter & Holiday Nail Trends With Celebrity Mancurist Jackie Saulsbery

From military-inspired nails to matte textures, we sat down with nail guru  Jackie Saulsbery, celebrity manicurist to A-list celebs, like Mariah Carey, Adele, and Queen Latifah, to find out what’s trending for the upcoming winter and holiday season! Bonus: She shared her favorite expert hacks for healthy hands, feet, and nails (no matter the time of year)!

Pro Nail Artistry Tips:

Saulsbery says, “Prime your hands and feet with a moisturizing treatment. Dermelect Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment and Timeless Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatment will make your skin feel silky smooth, like cashmere, but not greasy. It’s an essential step before any manicure or pedicure –– holiday season or not.” Not only do these multi-functional treatments boost hydration but they also target other concerns in these key areas with exfoliation to treat dry winter heels and sunspots on the back of the hands. Not your average skincare!

Treat and replenish dry hands and feet with multi-tasking and award-winning skincare solutions: Runway Ready Luxury Foot Treatment and Timeless Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatment.
During the winter, Saulsberry adds, “Hands and feet need a little bit extra love and care,” so be sure to use a nourishing base and top coat, like Dermelect Natural Nail Repair Kit “They’re not your average base and top coats. They’re infused with peptides, antioxidants, and vitamins that actually help strengthen and restore your nails.” Plus, you won’t have to worry about having to touch up your nails as often, amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, as the reparative duo keeps your mani and pedi shiny and in full swing throughout the many family winter gatherings to come!

Dermelect's Natural Nail Repair Kit helps to restore nails to their natural beauty with innovative ingredients Tremella Mushroom, AHA & Neonyca!

Another pro tip from Saulsbery for those who prefer the au naturale look: The Camo-Nude Concealer + Treatment base coat can be worn solo for gorgeous, healthy, natural-looking nails. Saulsbery adds, “It’s great for women who are hosting dinners, have many holiday affairs to attend, and are especially busy this time of year. You don’t have to worry about laying down a perfect shade at home; this polish is easy-to-wear and completely foolproof!”

Featuring Opti-Pearl technology, Dermelect Camo-Nude perfectly conceals damaged nails with a natural-looking, sheer nude hue and pairs it beautifully with a light diffusing pearl essence. 

Matte About You

Dermelect's Matte-iculous Base & Top Coat stregnthens nails while imaparting an ultra-modern shine-free finish. 

According to Saulsbery, one of this season’s hottest nail trends is going matte. Largely seen on the runways of 2019, you don’t need to be a Hadid to sport the high fashion, edgy look. In fact, achieving the trend is easy with Saulsberry’s go-to secret weapon: a transformative matte top coat, like Matte-iculous Matte Base & Top Coat. She says, “You can use it on top of any nail color you can think of. This trend is all about emphasizing fashion –– and matte nails won’t draw too much attention away from your outfit, but they’ll still look chic.”

Green With Envy


Take 2019's green nail color trend to the next level with a Dermelect 'ME' Peptide-Infused camouflage nail art manicure.

This winter, green is back with a vengeance. Saulsbery says, “Fashion is grabbing onto it and it’s just taking off.” For a funky twist on the trend, she suggests going for a military-inspired green camo pattern featuring various hues of hunter and khaki greens.

Among Saulsbery’s top pick is Thrill ‘ME’, frosted evergreen with a pearlescent glimmer finish. If you want to keep it simple with just one shade, she says, “Hunter greens, like ‘ME’ Verdure, are an easy and on-trend choice to embrace the holidays.”

Holiday nails done right with Dermelect's 'ME' Peptide-Infused Nail Color Lacquers featured in "Verdure" hunter green.

A Berry Happy Holiday

Amp up the drama with "Kiss ME"- just one of over 70 'ME' Peptide Infused Nail Color Lacquers by Dermelect. 

According to the celeb nail artist and expert, deep reddish and berry hues are a versatile, yet classic choice to revisit this time of year. Saulsbery says, “You can’t go wrong with a raspberry or burgundy shade. You can wear it for any occasion –– for a night out on the town or to a business meeting. It’s a gorgeous shade for the everyday woman –– your soccer moms, your business women, or women who are just juggling it all.”


Celebrate in style with classic berry nails like Dermelect's Peptide-Infused Nail Color Lacquer "Ferosh" fire-branded red. 

For a deeper burgundy nail look, Saulsbery recommends ‘ME’ Ferosh. If you’re searching for a festive touch of glitz and glamour, try Kiss ‘ME’, a shimmering velvet crimson.



Get your shimmer on with Dermelect 'ME' Peptide Infused Nail Color Lacquer in "Sleigh 'ME" arctic shimmer. 

It wouldn’t be the holidays without a little bit of sparkle! Saulsbery says, “It’s the perfect time to break out those glimmering polishes again.” Sleigh ‘ME’ an icy white polish with flecks of golden shimmer completes any holiday look, according to the seasoned nail expert.

Rose gold for the win with Dermelect's Peptide-Infused Nail Color Lacquer in "Halo."

But, ultimately, a metallic gold, silver, or rose gold are sure to make a bold impact. Saulsbery adds, “Rose gold is very in right now in the fashion world. ‘ME’ Halo, chrome rose gold, would be my go-to gold for the holidays. It’s on-trend, but also very festive.”

Which nail trends are you loving right now? Do you have a go-to look for the holidays or will you be trying one of the looks above? Send us a message on  Instagram or Facebook – and be part of the conversation!

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