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Calling All Brides: Nail Trends, Hacks, and Go-To's For Your Big Day!

Calling All Brides: Nail Trends, Hacks, and Go-To's For Your Big Day!

When it comes to wedding planning –– nailing the food, venue, music and finding *the* perfect wedding dress – the process can result in a whole bunch of stress for brides-to-be. But the one little detail you don’t have to stress about? A photo (and Insta!)-ready manicure to show off that bling. No matter your style, it’s guaranteed that we has the perfect nail shade to help you hone your dream vision for the awaited nuptials.

Dermelect sat down with seasoned nail artist and nail salon owner Crystal Clark to find out a few of her favorite expert hacks to prep your nails for the big day! Plus, she’s sharing a few of her top mani shades for a manicure that’s both stylish and summer wedding-approved.

Moisturize hands daily leading up to the wedding Clark notes moisturizing is key to prepping your nails for the big day. With all eyes on you the last thing you want is flaky hands distracting from your bouquet. Additionally she adds, “It’s important to hydrate your hands daily to ensure you have strong, flexible nails for your wedding. If you’re busy, keep a heavy-duty hand cream, like the Timeless Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatment, in your bag or at your desk for easy access. It’s going to protect your hands and lock in moisture, so it’s perfect for brides-to-be.”  The grease-free formula is packed with good-for-you ingredients like hyaluronic acid, papaya extract and collagen to keep your digits in tip top condition.

Clark adds, Revital-Oil Nail & Cuticle Treatment is a must-have. It’ll help you avoid hangnails and preserve your mani.” The dual phase treatment features a  nourishing mix of ultra-hydrating and moisturizing ingredients to strengthen hard-to-grow, weak nails. Most importantly, she says, “Treat your nails like jewels! Don’t use them to pry things open, dig or scratch things to limit any chances of serious wear and tear ahead of the wedding.”

Dermelect Timeless Anti-Aging Daily Hand Treatment features a luxurious, multi-tasking formula that will immerse your hands in a silken glove of moisture that locks in without leaving behind a greasy film or residue.


Nourish your body with proper nutrients and foods In preparation for the celebration, consider a balanced wellness routine, at least a couple of months beforehand. Clark says, “Drink plenty of water and eat your green veggies for healthy skin on your hands and all over. Whatever you’re putting inside of your body is always reflected by what you ingest.” If you’d like to maintain or improve nail (and hair) strength, Clark suggests taking supplements, too. She says, “If you struggle with weak nails, you may want to try Biotin. It’ll assist in the natural growth process of your nails and hair, as well as strengthen what you already have.”

Plan your manicure ahead of time Whether you’re going DIY or setting up an appointment with your favorite nail technician, it’s important to be mindful of your timeline. Clark recommends getting your nails done one to two days before the rehearsal dinner. She says, “You want to get them done as close as possible to the wedding day to preserve the mani for the wedding and honeymoon. But you also want to give yourself enough time to have them touched up or fixed if you have any chipping or second thoughts about the polish.” Clark’s wedding day hack? Bring a top coat, nail polish remover, cotton balls, and the polish you used to your venue for last-minute touch-ups.

Summer brides: Find out which 'ME' Peptide-Infused Color Lacquers matches your bridal style!

Bohemian Bride - 'ME' What a Gem


Dermelect 'ME' WHAT A GEM Shimmery Pale Quartz


For the boho bride channeling her inner whimsy, What A Gem is her go-to shade. Clark says, “ This shade is so dreamy and ethereal. It reminds me beautiful elements found in nature, like crystal quartz. It’s a neutral shade with an element of surprise –– gorgeous flecks of golden shimmer.”

Classic/Elegant Bride - 'ME' A Shore Thing


Dermelect 'ME' A SHORE THING Sheer Beige


While A Shore Thing may a neutral shade used (and loved) for everyday use, it doesn’t lack what’s needed to qualify as a beautiful wedding nail color. Clark says, “This is going to be your go-to timeless shade. You just can’t go wrong with it. If it chips, you won’t be able to tell. It’s really easy to apply and looks nice and clean.”

Edgy/Urban Bride - 'ME' Pristine


Dermelect 'ME' PRISTINE Heather with Mint Accents


You might be thinking moody for your big day’s nail color, but Clark thinks Pristine is the perfect cool shade for anyone looking to go out-of-the-box. She says, “Frenzy is a striking heather blue with mint accents. It’s so fun and non-traditional – great for your urban, edgy bride who wants to make a statement.”

Trendsetter Bride - 'ME' Persuasive


Dermelect 'ME' PERSUASIVE luscious peach (photo: @allnailseverything)


Persuasive is a gorgeous and flattering peach shade for the bride who prides herself on staying ahead of trends. Clark says, “Most of us are so used to seeing a French or nude manicure for weddings. Persuasive is so rich and romantic. And to me, it mirrors blooming flowers in the summer.”

The Glamorous Bride - 'ME' Halo

Metallic french manicure featuring Dermelect Transfix Nail Restore base coat and 'ME' Halo chrome rose gold (photo: @sloteazzy)

And the ultimate shade for our glam brides-to-be? Halo, a stunning metallic rose gold. Clark says, “When people want to look glamorous, this is what they go for. It’s an understandably trendy color. It has gorgeous shimmery pink undertones, so it’s still going to be complementary for a wide range of skin tones.”

Which summer bride are you? Which Dermelect would you choose for your big day? Let us know in the comments below!

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