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6 Ways to Boost Your Energy When You Haven't Gotten Enough Sleep

6 Ways to Boost Your Energy When You Haven't Gotten Enough Sleep

At the start of the year, I added: “Get More Sleep” to the top of my resolution checklist, but after just one month in, I had to reconsider. While squeezing in extra beauty rest might seem attainable to some, the life of a busy mom often makes it more of a pipedream, falling somewhere between “daily morning yoga” and “scrapbooking.”

Since eight hours is rarely guaranteed, how do you get more energy to power through your daily tasks? I’ve found that the best approach to maximizing my time is to identify what exactly boosts my energy, and what leaves me feeling drained. Read on for tips on how to boost your energy levels throughout the day.

Schedule a 10-Minute Exercise at a Regular Time

It's so important to start off by looking at your day as a whole. Everyone has a specific time of day that they feel their energy drop. With a little reflection, you should be able to identify the time of day that you typically feel most sluggish. For most people (and me personally), this seems to be shortly after lunch. If you’re unable to hit the gym at this time, set a daily reminder to do a 10-minute exercise that will increase blood flow, such as walking, push-ups, or yoga stretches. Alternate the exercises each week to keep it interesting, and recruit friends to hold you accountable and boost their energy, too.

Increase Your Water Intake

Endless cups of coffee can seem tempting when energy is low. However, to preserve the energy you do have, try to avoid dehydration (which coffee can cause since it is a diuretic) which can lead to fatigue. Not a big water drinker? Encourage yourself to drink more water by adding frozen berries or lemon slices, tracking your consumption through an app (I like using ‘My Water’ which send a reminder every 30 minutes to drink your water), or at the very least, ensure you are drinking a full glass each time you eat.

Prepare the Right Food

When energy is low, cravings for comfort food are high. To prevent yourself from reaching for junk, prepare snacks that combine protein with slow burning carbs to maintain blood sugar levels, such as a banana with almond butter or granola and fresh berries. Since it’s best to avoid added sugar, which can cause crashes, the natural sugars from the fruit will satisfy the sweet tooth that sometimes accompanies fatigue while also boosting energy levels.

Put on an Upbeat Playlist

Once the kids are dropped off at school, feel free to pause your podcasts and turn up music that makes you feel good, and don’t be afraid to sing along! Singing produces an emotional high which relieves stress, therefore, freeing up more energy. I've even made myself a special playlist for low energy days to get me pumped up even when I feel like I could use a few extra hours of sleep! 

Reset with Quick Meditation

We might think that if we close our eyes when we’re tired, we’ll run the risk of not opening them again. However, like singing, meditation gives you more energy by reducing stress. Take advantage of free meditation apps (another favorite - ‘Simple Habit’) that will guide you through a short mental reset so you’re ready to tackle the rest of the day.

Do Damage Control

Yes, there are only so many hours in the day and usually 'something's gotta give.' But, what if you could get things done while you sleep? Enter in our Self-Esteem Beauty Sleep Serum. This all around wonder serum works overnight to target every concern you may have including fine lines, wrinkles, pore size, texture, dullness, skin tone - it does it all! Simply apply the concentrated amino acid treatment before you go to bed and wake up to an energized, glowing complexion that will keep you looking - and feeling - well-rested! Talk about double tasking!

What gives you more energy? Let me know in the comments!

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