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4 Simple Tricks for Managing Holiday Stress

4 Simple Tricks for Managing Holiday Stress

If you’re anything like me, the approaching holiday season can fill you with excitement – and dread. Sure, it’s fun to go to parties, shop for gifts, decorate the house, and visit with loved ones, but it’s SO easy to overcommit yourself and become overwhelmed. I like to call this feeling “holiday stress.”

Holiday stress is a real thing. In fact, a 2015 survey by Healthline found that 62% of people feel “very or somewhat” stressed during the holidays, while only 10% said they didn’t feel any stress at all.

Luckily, there are some easy tactics you can use to manage your holiday stress, so you can actually enjoy your time and make the most of this special season. Keep reading for my holiday stress relieving tips!

  1. Prioritize Your Schedule

My biggest holiday stress management tip is to adjust your schedule based on your priorities. Think about what is most important to you, and allocate your time towards that. But with all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, that means that sometimes you might have to make sacrifices.

For example, while my career and friends are certainly very important to me, my number one priority is my family. This means that I might need to skip a friend’s holiday party to make cookies with my kids. While I certainly still get FOMO (fear of missing out) when I see all the party pictures on Facebook, that time spent with my family is priceless.

2. Get Enough Sleep

Whenever you fly, the flight attendants always tell you in case of an emergency put your own oxygen mask on first before you help others. I couldn't agree more with this mindset and have learned firsthand that I'm at my best when I'm feeling my best. You can’t take care of others if you’re burned out or sick, so I try to get at least 7 hours of sleep every night. Easier said than done, right? Well, the truth is... it doesn't always happen. 

That’s where power napping has saved me. Studies show, just a 20-minute nap can increase your energy and focus when you’re not getting enough sleep at night. I try to squeeze one in whenever I’m feeling sluggish to give me that extra boost I need to keep checking off my to-do list. Don't think 20 minutes is enough? Well, give it a try, but I'm warning you anything over 20 minutes will only leave you feeling more tired than when you started.

3. Create a Before Bed Beauty Ritual

When I’m suffering from a major case of holiday stress, my racing thoughts about plans and gifts will make it very difficult to fall asleep.

The best solution I’ve found is following a before bedtime beauty ritual to ease my anxieties.  Research has proven that doing the same thing before bed each night can signal your body that it’s time to sleep, and will help reduce holiday-related insomnia.

My before bed beauty routine consists of the two cornerstones of good skincare maintenance: effective exfoliating and super-calming moisturizing. Our Microfacial Exfoliating Masque utilizes a powerhouse combination of actives THD Ascorbate including the gold standard of Vitamin C and super ingredients Kaolin Clay and Coconut Oil to help draw out impurities to reveal a beautiful, healthy glow. After 10 minutes, not only is my skin detoxified, but my holiday stress starts to feel scrubbed away. After I follow up with Rapid Repair Moisturizer to replenish my skin with a healthy dose of hydration. The super balanced formulation features Chamomile, Azulene, and Avocado Oil, and is amazing for even the most sensitive skin. Just like I would drink a chamomile tea to settle an upset stomach, the chamomile in the cream works to soothe, calm, and destress my stressed skin. By the time I’m done with my routine, my skin feels rejuvenated, my mind is present, and I am ready for bed. I love this duo so much, I wanted to make an exclusive duo for you just in time for the holiday rush. 

4. Make Mornings Count

It's so important not lose yourself in the holiday season while trying to take care of everyone else.  With my days so jam-packed, I've found it seems that there are not enough hours to get everything done. I've found the best way to carve out some 'ME' time is to wake up an hour earlier than everyone else in my house. It may sound like such a pain, but once you get into the habit of waking up a little earlier, it can really set your day in the right direction. I use this time to do whatever I want whether that means running to a gym class, or just enjoying a cup of coffee in peace before the day's chaos ensues. Whatever activities you choose, just remember it's all about you, and there's no shame in prioritizing yourself. 

How do you fight holiday stress? We'd love to hear from you in the comments!

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